Our Process

Sometimes less is more. Big consulting firms can inundate you with words, processes, acronyms and diagrams. But based on our founders extensive experience of creating solutions and developing software, we can say with confidence that all software projects can be delivered successfully if few (intuitive) steps are followed.

  • Discovery
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Architecture & Solution Design
  • Build & Deliver
  • Support & Grow


Because you know your business best - and we know how to listen.

We believe technology is the means - not an end by itself. We immerse ourselves in your business, understand your day to day pain points and what you want to give your customers. We strive to be more than just a code shop for you.


Planning & Budgeting

Because resources are not unlimited and there are always higher priority items.

Many times 'more' is not better - We work with you to identify the right amount of technology you need for every phase of your growth and balance that with your time-lines and your budget.


Architecture & Solution Design

Because although coding and programming are our core skills, that is not where it begins - think twice, code once!

This is the most overlooked step in custom software development - a good scalable architecture and a solution design which takes into account the specifics of your unique business model are the critical foundations for the magic to happen.


Build & Deliver

Because all said and done, for dreams to come true something has to be built and that is what we do!

With a global delivery team of senior full stack engineers, top notch project managers, innovative designers and mobile/web developers, we are perfectly positioned to deliver anything you can dream of - and most probably, something beyond.


Support & Grow

Because we stand behind the solution we deliver and want to continue our partnership as your business grows.

We are very engineering focused but we like to think of ourselves as artists - and just like all artists we are proud of what we do, believe it is the best in the world and hence stand behind it 100%. We believe this also nurtures our ongoing relationship.