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About Us

Our company has deep roots in US (San Francisco Bay Area) as well as in India (multiple locations). All the people who will work on your projects are our regular full-time employees and not outsourced to yet another sweatshop or hired on a contingency basis per gig or per assignment. We believe that developing custom software for a client is de facto developing a long term relationship with them. This relationship cannot be built without consistent delivery and continuity of resources working on your projects. (It is a bit like going to the doctor's office and seeing the same doctor every time and building trust over time).

Founders / Solution Evangelists

Assim Gupta Pic
Chief Evangelist/ The buck stops here

  • Tech Executive with 20+ years
  • 4 startups (2 + , 2 - ) :-)
  • Angel investor
  • Startup advisor
  • Incubator mentor

Manish Jain Pic
India Office/ The Executor

  • Tech Executive with 15+ years
  • Successful Entrepreneur
  • Delivered 100's of products
  • Angel investor
  • Startup advisor

Kimberlee Ott Pic
Practice Associate/ The Planner

  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Draper University Entrepreneurship Program
  • Tech - UI/ UX

Sarah HanPic
Silicon Valley/ Product Owner

  • Software Exec/ 6+ years

Erica MillerPic
Silicon Valley


It all starts with a conversation. Even if you have just the glimmering of an idea, the beginning of a dream - get in touch with us. Or if you already have a technology team in place but will like additional help in terms of different skills, new strategy, new product line - let's talk.

221 Main Street, Ste # 1706
Los Altos, CA 94022

P: 650-224-6775